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Using Single B Technology to Develop Lead Antibody Molecules on GPCR Targets with Live Q&A


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Immuno-Oncology target|BCMA (1)


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Will SIRPα antibody combinatorial therapy be the next research hotspot?


SIRPα, a transmembrane protein expressed on macrophages and bone marrow cells, binds to its ligand CD47 to produce a “don’t eat me” signal that prevents macrophages from phagocytizing healthy cells.

Immune checkpoints proteins


Immune checkpoints are regulators that can inhibit or activate our immune system. They play essential roles in maintaining immune tolerance and modulating the duration and strength of immune responses.

New product release: SARS-CoV-2 functional proteins


To help our customers quickly evaluta the bioactivity of our SARS-CoV-2 S protein products, we include two small packages of CB6 and CR3022 monoclonal antibodies as free sample kit if you order the standard 100 ug or above package.

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First full length rabbit sourced mAb approved by FDA


FDA approved the listing of Eptinezumab, a CGRP antibody of Danish Lundbeck pharmaceutical, under the trade name of Vyepti, to prevent migraine On February 22, 2022. Since 1986, FDA has approved more than 90 new monoclonal antibody…