Proteins for solid tumor targets

In recent years, the biopharmaceutical market is growing rapidly. Compared with small molecule drugs, antibody drugs exhibit higher specificity and selectivity. Therefore, it showed tremendous progresses in the treatment of hematological cancers and autoimmune diseases. Due to complex tumor immune microenvironment, the development of therapeutic antibody drugs for solid tumor is more challenging.

Therapeutic antibodies need to exert their functional activities in human body. Therefore, it is very critical to identify monoclonal antibodies with functional activities. “Garbage in Garbage out” is the rule of thumb for therapeutic antibody development. DIMA Biotechnology LTD pays special attention on its immunogen development process. All the proteins were made by using HEK293 mammalian cell secretion expression system and we implemented a strict quality control process, including purity testing, antibody-drug interaction verification, freezing and thawing Tests, thermal stability tests, etc.




Immunogens for antibody drug development


Reagents forIn vitro orin vivo functional assays


Reagents to be used for drug lead molecule validation


Antibody affinity measurement assays

Strict Quality Control

  • Protein purity detection

Figure 1. Human Trop2 Protein, mFc-His Tag on SDS-PAGE under reducing condition.

  • Protein purity detection

Figure 2. ELISA plate pre-coated by 2 μg/ml (100 μl/well) Human Trop2, mFc-His tagged protein (PME100501) can bind Anti-Trop2 Neutralizing antibody(BME100023) in a linear range of 0.13-16.0 ng/ml.