Proteins for hematological cancer targets

With the newly FDA approved adoptive T-cell therapies, Kymriah and Yescarta, targeted on CD19, there are treatment solutions for a number of previously incurable B cell malignant diseases. In the meantime, new cancerous targets are the hot list for CAR T-cell therapy development.

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Therapeutic antibodies need to exert their functional activities in human body. Therefore, it is very critical to identify monoclonal antibodies with functional activities. “Garbage in Garbage out” is the rule of thumb for therapeutic antibody development. DIMA Biotechnology LTD pays special attention on its immunogen development process. All the proteins were made by using HEK293 mammalian cell secretion expression system and we implemented a strict quality control process, including purity testing, antibody-drug interaction verification, freezing and thawing Tests, thermal stability tests, etc. In order to meet the needs, DIMA Biotechnology LTD provide a full spectrum of functional proteins of new CAR T-cell targets.

Product targets:



  1. Immunogens for antibody drug development
  2. Reagents used for CAR T positive cell monitoring
  3. Reagents for antibody screening and functional testing
  4. Reagents for antibody affinity measurement

Strict Quality Control :

Protein purity detection

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Figure 1. Human BCMA, mFc-His Tag on SDS-PAGE under reducing condition.

Verification of ligand receptor interaction


Figure 2. ELISA plate pre-coated by 2 ug/ml (100 ul/well) Human BAFF, hFc tagged protein (PME100043) can bind Human BCMA, mFc tagged protein (PME100035) in a linear range of 0.03-15.625 ng/ml.

Antibody-drug interaction verification


Figure 3. ELISA plate pre-coated by 2 ug/ml (100 ul/well) Human BCMA , Fc-His tagged protein can bind Anti-BCMA (Neutralizing antibody clone huC11D5.3) (BME100016) in a linear range of 3.71-22.29 ng/ml.